Youth & College Revival Service!

FRIDAY OCT 9TH  --  6:30PM  --  Your life will be changed in one Friday Night. Come see what the REVIVAL is all about! After service fun: In-door basketball, volleyball, games, food and more.

OCT 10 & 11 || Families & Children || REVIVAL & CARNIVAL Weekend!

Statistics prove that regular church attendance before the age of 12 years old makes all the difference! By bringing your child to church and allowing them to be involved they will be less likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol. They will recover 70% faster from depression than others. They will have a healthy self-confidence. They will do better in academics. They will be less prone to joining gangs or other violent social groups. The list goes on and on... Don't wait! Bring your child to church this weekend and allow them to see what church is all about. They will want to return.

Another Location in Fallon, NV!

Our newest Home-Missions "branch" work is located at 5081 Hwy 50, in Fallon, NV. "Where Great Things are Happening!" Service Times; Sundays @ 9:30am. Contact us for a Home Bible Study during the week.

Higher Learning. New Life Classes.

Enroll now!  1: "Beginning for Success in Abundant Living"; 2: "Leadership". Meal provided at 5pm. Childcare available. Classes are 11 weeks. Class time is 5:30pm to 6:30pm.
is a place where you will find heartfelt worship unto the only One true God, who's name is Jesus Christ. Powerful and biblical preaching and teaching. At A.R.C. you will go beyond religion and into a personal experience and relationship with Jesus Christ. We welcome you and count it a great honor to be able serve you; families, singles, senior citizens, youth, college and career; all are welcome and will find a place in our various ministries.